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This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community.
The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European
Community, nor does it involve any responsibility on the part of the European Community.

European supplementary qualification in tourism management.
Concept to integrate European supplementary qualifications into national systems of vocational training.

For the duration of the three years of the  Leonardo Da Vinci pilot project of EU-EQT the Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie
(Mittelhessen and Braunschweig) in co-operation with seven other European partners will develop a supplementary qualification according to the requirements of the European tourism and leisure sector.

Tourism Training all over Europe
as pdf document.
(495 kb)

Trainer Guide
as pdf document.
(5,2 MB)

Summary of a study about "training and education trends in european tourism"
as pdf document.
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The third project meeting of EQ-BINGO will take place in Assisi/Italy in March 2010. The hosting partner will be Centro Italiano di Studi Superiori sul Turismo e sulla Promozione Turistica CST Assisi.


Since October 2008 the project EU-EQT is the reference for the new project EQ-BINGO in the frame of Leonardo Transfer of Innovation. The project aim is the transfer of the innovative approach of a modular training system to another sector. Florian Hans of europrojecting will represent DAA during the process of developing the a modular training curriculum for the european gambling sector. EQ Bingo Newsletter


In 2008 the project EU-EQT was the base for new project applications in the frame of Leonardo Transfer of Innovation. One project aims to transfer the results of EU-EQT to eastern European countries (BG, RO, SI), the second project aims to transfer the innovative approach of a modular training system to another sector.


The project EU-EQT was selected as best practice project
by the national agency "Education for Europe". In this context an article will be published in the edition series "impuls" in november 2006. The article reflects the project work and the afterwards use of the results and products.


In november 2006 (06./07.11.) the 10th BTW Tourism Summit will take place
in the Adlon Hotel/Berlin. >
conference program (german)


Project review of the Leonardo pilot EU-EQT as PDF (german)


In the framework of the European Study Visits Programme european
vocational training specialists visited Rostock/Warnemünde (15.10.-19.10.2006) to focus the topic: Training in the sports and leisure sector. The results and products of EU-EQT were presented and discussed.


In June 2006 the project EU-EQT was finally approved by the national agency
"Education for Europe"
as good and succesful.


March 2006: Official documentation of the Kavarna Valorization event is online available in english.


In December 2005 (5./6.12) the DAA attended the 9th annual tourism summit of the BTW in the Adlon Hotel/Berlin > conference program


November 2005: New flyer for the marketing of "Tourism Training all over Europe" is available now! > Flyer as PDF-Dokument (495 kb)


In November 2005 (16.-18.11) the DAA presented the results of the project EU-EQT at a valorization conference in Kavarna/Bulgaria.
> conference program -
> documentation


Training Field descriptions of Core and Special qualifications can be downloaded as PDF.
> Descriptions for Core qualifications
> Descriptions for Special qualifications


In October 2005 the responsible project managers of EU-EQT, Dr. Klaus-Jürgen
Rupp and Florian Hans, had the last consultation with the German advisory
council in Berlin
. > documentation

Project Co-ordination:

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